L. E. Lakan, E. D. Mahan, R. E. Abioye, S. B. Tok, Z. A. Sallau, E. O. Yusuff, Z. P. Aboki


This study explores kindergarten reading as a panacea for low literacy among Nigerian students.To achieve the objective of this study two research questions were raised to include; What is the perception of teachers and parents about reading skills from kindergarten? What are the hinderances to developing reading skills from kindergarten? A qualitative method was used for the
study. Data were collected through a semi structured interview. Purposive sampling technique was used to select participants for the study. Twelve recorded voices were used for analysis. The analysis was done using qualitative content analysis. Findings revealed the perception of teachers and parents about reading skills from kindergarten as a panacea for improving the literacy level of students as follows: Boost Confidence Level and Boldness in Communication, Foundation for Sound Education, Stimulates Literacy Interest and Accelerates Learning Ability. Also, the study uncovers the following as factors hindering the development of reading skills from kindergarten
namely: Aggressive behaviour, Low socio-economic status of parents, untrained teachers, Overcrowded classes and Lack of instructional materials. It is, therefore, recommended that parents and teachers should encourage reading at home and school by using a variety of strategies that will help children learn how to read thereby becoming successful readers in years to come.

Keywords: Early reading Skills, Kindergarten reading, Literacy, Cognitive development

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