F. B. Naandoet, D. D. Gyang


The world is facing an unprecedented economic, social and political crisis with the spread of COVID-19. However, the global advancements made in Biomedical Electronics and Informatics (BMEI), have brought about a better understanding of the human genome and unraveled new perspectives in the study and containment of novel and complex diseases like the dreaded Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19). Yet, the rapid global spread and havoc wrecked by the advent of Covid-19 expose how grossly under-utilized, these advancements have remained in many parts of the world. This paper depicts the COVID-19 pandemic in the light of the consternation and prospects it portents for Advancing Biomedical Electronics and Informatics (BMEI) in particular and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in general. The data for the study was collected and collated through online content review and surveys starting with a preliminary set of electronic resources. This qualitative research approach adopted for the study not only explores the prominence of ICT interventions in combating the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic but also highlights the inherent challenges and prospects it portents for the advancement of Biomedical Electronics and Informatics (BMEI). The implication is the growing need to efficiently integrate and translate the advances made in information and communication technologies (ICT) and electronic technologies with the increased knowledge about the human genome into concrete benefits for all citizens for effective repression of the pandemic spread of not only COVID-19, but also in dealing with other imminent pandemics and for future potential research endeavours and healthcare technological development.

Keywords: Covid-19, Biomedical Electronics and Informatics (BMEI), Coronavirus, pandemic, information and communication technology (ICT).

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