G. J. Kaigama, J. O. Okpara, E. O. Agwu, E. D. Otor, F. N. Gyang, P. Danladi, U. M. Akims


This research was carried out to isolate and identify microbes from spoilt fruits and vegetables obtained from three major markets in Jos South local government area of plateau state. A total of thirty (30) samples, comprising of five (5) fruits namely orange, guava, banana watermelon and tomatoes and five (5) vegetables comprising of cabbage, lettuce, spinach, spring onion and bitter leaf were collected from each market and analyzed for the bacterial and fungal contaminant. Six (6) bacteria species and three (3) fungi species were isolated from the samples collected. The bacteria identified were staphylococcus species, Baccillus species, Erwinia species, Entrobacter species, proteus species and pseudomonas species while the fungi identified are aspergillus niger, candida species and trichophyton species. Proteus species had the highest frequency, 29.16%, followed by Entrobacter and pseudomonas species which had 25% and staphylococcus species had the lowest frequency of 4.16%. Fungi identified, were Aspergillus niger which had the highest frequency 52.94%, followed by Candida species (29.41%) and Trichophyton (17.65%). Bukuru market had the highest number of bacterial isolates (37.5%), while Vom had the highest number of fungal isolates (43.75%). Pseudomonas species were isolated from all lettuce, and Entrobacter species from all watermelon samples collected from the three markets. Aspergillus niger was isolated from all lettuce collected from the three markets. No bacterial isolate was found in the bitter leaf and no fungi were isolated from the spinach. In conclusion, staphylococcus, Baccillus, Erwinia, Entrobacter, proteus and pseudomonas species of Bacteria and Aspergillus niger, Candida, and Trichophyton species of Fungi could be associated with spoilage of fruits and vegetables in Jos South Local Government, Plateau State.

Keywords: Isolation, Identification, Microbes, Fruits, Vegetables.

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