F. C. Ogazi, G. G. Edward, J. T. Meseko, U. Umoru


In the present technological age with so many things to engage in, adequate information is needed to gain more knowledge about work of life and stress. This will help in reexamining ways of working and self- maintenance/caring. This paper is focused on the importance of healthy living (while it exposes the nature of stress) for appropriate skills and capacity development; to empower workers and enhance good health while working. The study aimed at making persons bring to mental stress as well as be aware of the negative effects of stress that contribute to various health challenges. The paper used book search, interviews and questionnaires for data collection. A descriptive research design was adopted because it studied people’s attitudes and actions towards stress. The study was carried out at the Jos University Teaching Hospital(JUTH) and The Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology and the Federal College of Veterinary and Medical Laboratory, all located within the National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom. Samples Of 30 students and 40 staff made up of 75 persons were used. Three research questions guided the study and simple percentages were used to analyze the research questions. The findings revealed that every person especially the workers experienced stress and had in one way or the other come in contact with the health risks and potential negative effects associated with stress but were ignorant of the managerial skills for a healthy living. Some tips that could be effectively used to manage stress were extensively discussed. Based on the findings, the paper recommends that health workshops be organized for institutions and other similar organizations.

Keywords: Work, Stress, Stress management and Healthy living

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